Africa Ecommerce Supply Chain

E-commerce Supply Chain Service

CHOICE has focused on logistics to Africa for 20 years, with the accumulated experience of local market, we launched supply chain

service to Africa market.The service mode is: Logistics+Consolidation+Financial Service, custom made to ecommerce sellers.

Africa Ecommerce Supply Chain

CHOICE One-stop Solution of Ecommerce Supply Chain

Logistics+Consolidation+Financial Service

Ecommerce Logistics

CHOICE provides various of logistics, such as air freight, ocean freight, express and so on, to help ecommerce sellers delivery goods to Africa.\

Ecommerce Consolidation Warehouse

CHOICE set up large consolidation warehouses in China, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Nigeria. Sellers can send their goods to our domestic or abroad warehouses. CHOICE will arrange packing and deliver to customers after received orders from sellers.

Ecommerce Financial Service

CHOICE will help ecommerce sellers settle the financial problems in international trade.You don't need to worry about the financial risk any more.

Service Mode of Ecommerce Supply Chain

Make your logistics more safely

CHOICE is willing to provide professional, safe and fast logsitics service to you.

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Advantage of Ecommerce Supply Chain Service

  • Fast Money Recycling

    CHOICE makes assurance for

    money's paying back to


  • Advance Payment for Sellers

    Become VIP member of CHOICE, you

    could enjoy up to 50% advance


  • Warranty for Finacial Risk

    CHOICE will help you avoid financial

    problems such as declaring, delivery

    and VAT.

  • One-stop Consolidation Warehouse

    You don't need to set up your own warehouse,

    CHOICE will arrange warehouse and delivery

    after you make a order to us.

  • Special Logistics for Ecommerce

    Special way for ecommerce delivery,

    high cost performance, save more for you.

  • Perfect Value Added Service

    One to one service by sales manager,

    24 hours real-time tracking

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