Hanjin's five new panamax boxships up for sale in Hong Kong
FIVE 13,100 TEU container vessels built in South Korea in 2012 and 2013, and belonging to Hanjin Shipping, are being sold in Hong Kong.
Sealed bids for the last real jewels in the once mighty Hanjin crown are to be lodged at a court in Hong Kong today, according to Singapore's Splash 24/7.

While technically the winning bid is scheduled to be announced on February 14, sources in Hong Kong have told Splash that one line has jumped the queue with what is thought to be an unbeatable offer.

"The rumour doing the rounds is that a very serious buyer is already lined up by the arresting party and that it's unlikely the tender will go to a second round," the source said.

When it filed for bankruptcy at the end of last August, Hanjin was the seventh largest containerline in the world with more than 600,000 slots in its fleet, a figure that has now been slashed to less than 50,000 in a series of fire sales.

A court in Seoul last week rescinded Hanjin's court protection, and it is now likely to be declared bankrupt next week.