CHOICE air shipping division is opening Alibaba and China Air shipping to our customers in Africa and Middle East. Millions of African residents have a hard time making purchases abroad and getting their cargo air shipped to their destination. Today we are happy to announce that you can buy anything you want from China Aliexpress and we’ll deliver it to your door.


Air shipping from China has been a challenge for many years especially because of high cost and traditional style shopping where you have to go to a physical office. With Choice Cargo, you can do it in your house and pay with MPESA without leaving your home. This not only ensures security but also privacy.


Shipping Commercial merchandise from China to Kenya by Air


CHOICE Air shipping from China can handle all your purchasing and logistics from manufacturers and suppliers in China, all the way to your shop or your warehouse door steps. We handle all complex logistics, customs and all the necessary paperwork.


With our air shipping network, you’re rest assured that all your cargo will come to your door without hiccups. To start shipping from China to Kenya, fill in our simple intake form and we’ll work with you to make this happen.