It’s happy to meet you again in the new year!

Today we have started to work!

In 2018,

our surprise activities

will continue to flow to you!

The first wave of surprise has begun.

Are you ready?

Starting from February 24th to March 2nd,

every day the top 30 suppliers

or drivers who delivery

the goods to choice shipping

warehouse both Guangzhou& Yiwu

can receive a Wechat red packet

Receiving method

Follow the Wechat official account “ChoiceGroupage”

then you will get the password from the warehouse reception with the warehouse receipt number.

After entering the password to the official account“ChoiceGroupage”,

you can receive the red packets from the message sent by the official account.

Only the ones who come first can receive the limited red packets.

May all your wishes come true in the new year!