You choose Choice Logistics and you will sleep tight!

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As you would know that most successful African businessmen have many worries for their businesses.

 “We work hard to improve our living.  When we started our business, we borrowed money from our family, our friends or from banks.  The money is hard to come by.  We use the money to buy products from China to ship to Africa.  We must make sure we choose a trustworthy logistics company so that the products arrive in Africa safely or our money will go down to the drain.  A good logistics company is therefore very important to us. “ – An African cloth dealer

These businessmen who started from scratch work hard to improve their livelihood.  It is inevitable that a lot of uncertainties and troubles await them on the roads ahead.  Everyone in Choice understands it is of paramount importance that nothing goes wrong during the whole shipment process.

 “We are always faced with a lot of problems, problems about money, about the goods, complaints from the customers etc.  The stress is very high.  However the biggest worry is what if the goods is damaged, or even lost, stolen during the transport.  Sometimes I worry so much that I cannot sleep at night.  After all, the money didn’t come by easily. “  – An African cloth dealer

To thank you for choosing choice, 

Choice Logistics proudly presented a big gift for you in October.

Choice Logistics has been in Africa for more than 20 years and we understand very well every client’s worries.  Choice Logistics ensures that every step is free from mistakes.  We know what our clients want and we move on very cautiously.  With over 500 employees, Choice might not be the cheapest, Choice might not be the fastest.  Choice, without any doubt, is the logistics company that you do not have to worry at all once your goods is in their hands.  What we do is to aim at lessen your stress so that you can sleep well and keep a fresh mind to face every day’s challenges.

Choice Logistics' Easy Trilogy:

  • Goods are accepted and delivered into our warehouses.

  • A good night's sleep for the ordering client.

  • The recipient receives the goods at the destination. 

Maybe you will ask: 

how Choice manages to give clients a real peace of mind?

You see, Choice Logistics is the only logistics company that is able to accommodate its clients so thoroughly.

“I can leave all my worries behind me when I use Choice Logistics and have a good night's sleep. Leave the logistics in their charge.”An African mobile parts and components businessman

Proudly presented in October by Choice Logistics

A golden pillow for you!

From October 1 to October 31, by choosing to use Choice Logistics services, you will be given an opportunity to win a fine golden pillow as an ornament. There are 200 of them in total for you to win. What are you waiting for? Contact Choice Logistics sales staff members nearby or visit the official website of Choice Logistics for more information now and win an exquisite prize!

● Available until stock lasts and Choice Logistics reserves the right of final interpretation.