Straight to Ghana, Sail Away on The Day!

LCL service of Ghana shipping DDU officially starts to help you march into Ghana! 

  1.  With 21 years' experience in sea freight consolidation service 
  2.  Weekly schedule 
  3.  Excellent strength for the cargo security 
  4.  With powerful specialized custom clearance team 

Are you worried about "no place" for the cargo before loading? 

We provide free 14-day storage in China. 

Are you worried about the cargo package on the long journey to Ghana

We provide professional packaging service.

Are you worried about the troublesome payments to overseas suppliers? 

We provide collection and payment service. 

Are you confused facing freight problems? 

24 hours online customer service can answer your questions. 

Ghana, another black horse market in Africa has gradually risen, whose development momentum is unstoppable. Choice helps You to enter the local market and make a career altogether!