Mr. Lin is a customer do wig business in Nigeria, he was introduced by his friend added my initial communication the QQ. His friends think I'm very responsible and very friendly, recommended, and hear clients say to me at that time, it is moved to. I thought, in their usual work, as long as the intentions, customers are able to feel. Also thought, this time for old friends to help recommend customer to customer, I should be even more attention to good customer service, will not live up to the trust of old friends to me. 

Communication with Mr. lin is very smoothly, may be due to a friend's recommendation, I trust Mr. Lin. But Mr. Lin is also known in Nigeria picked up the Nigerian Branch of the game, so he is also more willing to try to cooperate with us. Soon Mr. Lin's first ocean cargo, just in time for the company's limited-time promotions, this is good news for customers, after all, save a certain amount of logistics costs. From the warehouse to the loading of the goods, what news I feedback and confirmation with customers in a timely manner, allows customers to feel my passion as well as the value of the goods. At the destination, customers successfully referred to the first shipment, our transport services also make him feel very at ease. 

Before Mr. Lin is always Nigerian black companies, he also said that this is not like dealing with blacks, many goods are not guaranteed. When he picked up the game after working, and also trust us, Nigeria we have a branch office and warehouse on the ground, what problems customers can easily find us, and our warehouse in Nigeria where Lin lived close to pick up very easily. After some time, Mr Lin of air cargo have started to cooperate with us, air time and forest goods tend to be delivered at night, I don't want to wait until tomorrow, then again one day, a little faster for customers receives the goods, I tend to be very late, still looking for Mr. Lin confirmed the advance cargo information, as soon as possible. Mr. Lin said thank you very much I so carefully helped him arrange, he only assured cash on the line, don't have to worry about anything. I also thank customers so trust me, send me the goods for delivery, customer confidence is all the more precious for me. Good service to each and every customer, and customer satisfaction, this is my own basic requirements.