Powder, Liquid, Antique, Corrosive, Inflammables and Explosives, Disk, Medicine, Health Products, Chemical and so on.

and Safe Logistics
from China

Star Products

For Cross Border E-commerce

Strong Network in Africa & Middle East

3 domestic branches, 9 Africa branches, 2 Middle East branches

  • Safe


    Sending by CHOICE domestic company, receiving by CHOICE branches at destination, guarantee the safety by one-stop operation.

  • Stable


    We have sufficient cargos, stable schedule of shipments. Daily delivery for air and daily loading for ocean.

  • Capital


    Abundant capital of CHOICE guarantees safe and professional service for you.

  • Comprehensive


    14 Global branches, stores and warehouses cover wholesale markets, 20 years focus on Africa and Middle East.

Strengths of CHOICE

Safe, Stable and Capital

You Send Out and Receive Goods, Others We will Help

One stop logistics service, you can focuses on your business.

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