Cooperation Case with Amanbo

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Customer Info


Destination: Africa

Delivery Time: 30-45 days

Service: Groupage Service to Africa

Customer Background is a business platform for Africa & China wholesale trade. As the Sino-African Business Platform, connects African customers with millions of Chinese suppliers and products with high quality products.

In order to provide products with higher cost-performance, Chinese sellers are looking for lower cost of logistics. 

Pain Points

The order quantity on the platform is small;

Orders need to ship to different countries in Africa;

Need to reduce cost of logistics.

So they are eager to find a suitable international forwarding company.


Africa Groupage Shipping

According to the specific situation of Amanbo, CHOICE’s sales manager custom made a logistics solution for it. Since most of the sellers are small & middle size, they own entity stores and run retail business. They usually have enough stock, and they can accept slower logistics way. So the most important point for them is cost, which directly influences their price on the platform. 

In conclusion, CHOICE sales manager recommend Africa groupage shipping service to them. This service can meet the need of low cost, flexible groupage and ship to different destinations. The delivery time is about 30-45 days.