Tiles FCL to Kenya and Double Customs Clearance Service Case

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Client Info

Name: COB

Goods: tiles and other articles

Time for Receiving: 28 days

Destination: Kenya

Freight Way: Sea freight LCL shipping and COC inspection


COB doesn't have the experience of FCL shipping before. But as their business volume was increasing rapidly, they decide to ship two containers of their own goods.
Since they're not familiar with the customs clearance in both China and Kenya, but their former customs clearance agent require them to do the COC inspection themself.

Pain Points:

1.Goods are purchase from different suppliers in Foshan.

2.Part of goods are in Guangzhou.

3.Item numbers are messy so that it's hard to pass the COC Inspection.

4.The client had returned to Africa and cannot handle the situation in person.

CHOICE’s Solution

1.We connect the suppliers and tell them to send the goods to two certain places, and then we move them together for inspction.

2.We arrange pick-up service for the inspector, so that he can finish the inspction in one day.

3.Properly dealt with packing files in order that the goods can pass the COC inspection smoothly.

4.CHOICE Kenya Office help the local customs clearance and support the after sale service to finish the shipping perfectly.

Customer’s Evaluation

The inspection was finished the same day loading, and they don't need to deal with the problems themselves.