Warehouse Solution to Africa Cross-border Ecommerce

Pain Points:

1. High Freight Cost. It cost 1-2 times higher than the cost of the product itself.

2. Slow Customs Clearance. Customs clearance is a big problem while shipping goods to Africa. Sometimes they have to pay 3 times freight for sending back the goods due to the customs clearance. This makes trouble to foreign trade companies. So they’re looking for a forwarding company which is professional for customs clearance to help them solve this problem.

3. Low Credit. Goods returned due to credit problem makes high cost of delivery time and logistics cost.

4. Payment Settlement. Safe payment receiving is always a focus point in foreign trade.

5. Slow Delivery. African customers hate to wait long time for their goods, if there is small difference between the goods, they will choose the one delivered fast. So local warehouse service is more and more important.