Cloth Express from Guangzhou to India

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Client Info

Name:Ms Chen


Time for Receiving: 4 working days

Destination: India

Freight Way: Door to door express


Ms Chan opened a cloth shop in Guangzhou, she often needs to send samples to India. Because the documents of customs clearance in India is complicated, and the tax rate is high, her client also argue about that. So she wants to find a express company which can provide customs clearance service and with high speed.

Pain Points

1.Which logistics company to choose?

2.Can the time for receiving be guaranteed?

3.Can they provide customs clearance service?

CHOICE's Solution

CHOICE had built up a cooperation with Ms.Chan, and we custom made express door to door service for her according.

Customer's Evaluation

Ms.Chan said' This is my first cooperation with CHOICE, thank you for sending the samples to my clients smoothly. This is the first time that my client doesn't complain. I just need to prepare the goods and invoice and pay a lump sum. The price is much cheaper than before, I don't need to pay for any tax or customs clearance. My client is also appreciated, and they told us to only work with CHOICE from now.'