Agricultural Tools FCL to Nigeria and Destination Clearance

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Client Info

Name: JD

Goods:Agricultural tools and accessories

Time of Receiving: 40 days

Destination: ONNE,Nigeria

Freight Way: Sea freight FCL


In the past, JD purchased customs clearance documents after shipping. But from last several months, the policy was tightened by the government, they must get the SONCAP for customs clearance. But their cooperative factory is not familiar to foreign trade, so their products had never been inspected. In addition, the language barrier makes trouble for them. On one side, the goods were out of stock abroad. On the other side, the factory could not coordinate well.

Pain Points:

Their factory cannot deal with the customs problems well, and their goods had never do any inspection. It's hard to pass the customs clearance for them. Also the language barrier made more troubles for them.

CHOICE's Solution

1.Ask the factory to provide sample inspection for PC and get the form, and then arrange the loading. CHOICE help the SONCAP Certificate.( The factory was cooperative and the client was willing to pay for the certificate.)

2.CHOICE provide double customs clearance service for FCL.

3.We have set up branch in Nigeria, our Nigeria local team will work well with the sea freight service.

Customer's Evaluation

The client set their mind at rest after loading the first container. They don't need to worry about the shipment and customs clearance.

Our staff in Nigeria help them to deal with the customs clearance in time and sent to the certain destination. In the same day, the client call us for appreciation and they were satisfied with our double customes clearance service. Also, they made order for the second containers's shipment immediately.