Lading Bills Express to Dubai

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Client Info


Goods:Lading bills

Time for Receiving: 3 days

Destination: Saudi Arabia

Freight Way: Express



Mahanmmed will send some Bills of Lading to Saudi Arabia. Because the bills are very important and with strong timeliness.They want to find express service with high cost performance and as safe as DHL.


Pain Points

1. Which logistics company to choose?

2. Can the time for receiving be guaranteed?

3. Can they track on internet?



CHOICE’s Solution

CHOICE had built up a cooperation with Mahammed, and we custom made Dubai DHL service for them according to their demands.


Customer’s Evaluation

Mahammed said'This is my first time to cooperate with CHOICE. First I have to thank you for safe delivered the bills to Riyadh. It's perfect international express service. CHOICE come to pick up very soon after I call them. And I can track on the internet anytime. My client received the bills the third day. I appreciate with the service,I pay 1/3 price to get the same service as DHL. I will build up long-term cooperation with CHOICE.'